In 2003, I took the leap from fast paced city living (in Miami) to a more wholesome rural lifestyle. I quit my job, sold my house, packed up my dogs and my pampered stabled horses and moved to Loxahatchee, Florida. Little did I know what would come next. Within a year, a macaw, an african grey, 2 more dogs, a pot belly pig, and 2 goats (samson and delilah) came to live here. And that is how my addiction to goats started. 

Goodness Gracious ! Acres is the name I just fell in love with. We needed to "name" the farm in some way. And Goodness Gracious just seemed like the perfect fit. For me and my personality. When registering your goats with American Dairy Goat Association, you need a "herd" name. And what better way to start their names off with?

Goodness Gracious!

Although we are in the suburbs of West Palm Beach, and only on an acre and a half, we are a working farm. We make goats milk soap, breed and sell goats, as well as chickens and eggs, fresh raw cheeses, raw milk, kefir, and hand drawn artwork is now available.
Raw milk sales are for pet food consumption only. 

My herd consists of 
Purebred Nubians and Lamanchas.
To see more pictures 

of the girls CLICK HERE.

Originally, chosen for their looks. How could you not love those ears and that roman nose? Nubians are a hardy bunch. And perfect for Florida's hot weather. They are not seasonal breeders which is a good or bad thing depending... They are known for their HIGH butterfat content and high protein yields in their milk. Plus, they can average 6-10 lbs of milk per day. Perfect for making cheeses and soaps. They are a docile breed, though can be noisy. And the more I work with them The better it gets.

The girls and me on a goat walk. Delilah is the furthest left.

My goal has been to produce structurally correct, long ears and a true roman nose, straight toplines, width in rump and escutcheon, with strong tight udders for solid milking year round and deep barreled. And to add some tallness and a longer body for easier birthing. I want to bring them back to what some breeders call "the old style Nubians" but with the grace the newer lines have. Overall, elegant by design.

All animals are raised free of vaccinations except what is forced by law. The herd is tested every other year for CAE (Caprine Arthritic Encephalitis) and Johnes and we are negative. When they first come to my farm they are also tested for Brucellosis. Any abscess is syringed, drawn and sent to the lab for testing. We are a part of the American Dairy Goat Association and participate in DHI (Dairy Herd Improvement) and Linear Appraisal, yearly. Other groups we are members of are The Florida Dairy Goat Association and The National Nubian Breeders Association.

I feed Alfalfa or Peanut Hay exclusively. On the milk stand they might get a mix grain, beet pulp, alfalfa pellets, as well as free choice minerals and baking soda. They are wormed based on FAMACHA and fecal tests.

If you are interested in a future breeding, in goats in general, milk products,  soaps, or art / design services, please shoot me an email.


JoJo Milano
Goodness Gracious ! Acres